Portal de Salud Wellness Program focuses its services in four main goals:

1. Provide free health screenings (i.e., blood pressure check, diabetes, cholesterol, and HDL screenings, BMI)

2. Encourage through health education healthier lifestyles

3. Facilitate access to affordable, culturally competent primary care services

4. Navigate patients through the healthcare complexity

Portal de Salud Wellness Program is supported through grant funding, volunteers, and through the support of partnering universities such as Emory School of Medicine, and School of Physician Assistant, and Georgia State University School of Nursing, and Mercer University School of Physician Assistant. On Wednesday nights, partnering universities bring a group of students to conduct screenings and to educate clients about important health topics such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, and other important health issues. In addition, clients who needed, are connected, and navigated to a medical home to seek medical care.